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About Flexi Kanban

Discover the Power of Customization

FlexiKanban transforms your Salesforce platform UI with tailor-made Kanban boards, designed to adapt seamlessly to your unique workflow needs. Experience the true power of customization:
  • Tailor-Made Boards: Dive into a world where every Kanban board is an opportunity for innovation. Craft your boards to fit your specific project requirements, ensuring efficiency and clarity in your workflow.
  • Unlimited Columns, Infinite Possibilities: No matter the complexity of your process, our independently configurable columns cater to every detail. Whether it's a simple task list or a complex project flow, FlexiKanban bends to your will.
  • Customizable Cards: Each card is a blank canvas for your Salesforce objects. Design them with the information that matters most to you, presented in a way that speaks to your team's unique needs.
  • Dynamic Data and Design: With advanced formulas and functions, watch your data come to life. FlexiKanban's dynamic design capabilities ensure that the most relevant information is always at your fingertips.
  • Interactive Data Display: Click on any card to uncover a deeper layer of information. Configure what data is shown to make the most out of every interaction.
  • Seamless Card Interactions: Our robust actions engine facilitates not just card movements but also empowers you with button clicks and menu selections, enhancing your control and efficiency.
  • Versatile Forms for Every Need: From simple data entry to complex information gathering, our mighty forms module is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Composite Kanbans for Comprehensive Overview: Imagine a dashboard where multiple boards coexist, each with customizable and dynamic layouts. Dive deep with drill-down capabilities to get a comprehensive view of your projects.
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